An exclusive provider of energy efficient LavaCrete aggregate products


High Desert Earthworks builds quality custom homes using a unique blend of materials that, simply put, are not available to other builders in our area. We are different. Beginning with the structural integrity of the home, the exteriors are constructed using an aggregate mix of lava rock and dry Portland Cement slurry with base materials (Scoria, Granite, Silica, and Red Cinder) that are sourced very near us in Northern Arizona. This, coupled with passive energy concepts such as strategic landscaping and shade coverings, can reduce heat gain in homes by up to 70%.

Low Carbon Footprint without sacrificing creature comforts

Rock solid buildings designed to last 100 + years

Weather resistant with no need to paint, ever

Sourced from materials available in the Verde Valley and surrounding areas

Architectural appeal that reflects the natural beauty of Sedona and its surrounding areas

Remarkably efficient - Insulation ratings of walls in excess of R-55 & R-80 in the ceilings

Great looking homes with the ability to add personal touches, e.g., arches, stamping, facades and angled designs

Sedona Arizona

Lava Cinders before Mixing

Sustainable building practices have evolved. High Desert Earthworks builds homes that not only achieve remarkable energy efficiency, and we now do it in a way that allows the homeowner to enjoy quality amenities comparable with any other home in its price range. Rather than compromising quality of life, High Desert Earthworks helps you take advantage of local materials that will result in a beautiful, more efficient home and a most comfortable lifestyle for you.

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